JQ Story

Our story began in the summer of 2015. We create our opportunity by reinventing textiles contacted to human body. From socks to underwear to calf sleeves, our products are always engineered with philosophy of pure natural and human-oriented.  

We Make Socks for Feet, Not only for Eyes

We clearly know that fun bargain socks with low-cost, low-quality flood the mainstream market. Which, however, are true boondoggle for population who need special healthcare or just require a high-standard living.

Simple Produces Better

We keep our products simple. We don’t make things for the eyes, we want to shine a light on the health and well being of humankind. We’re convinced that the idea will far outweigh the fancy look in the long run. 

When you choose JQsocks?

You choose better brand with passion to do good to our mother nature. You choose most world-leading technology and ethical manufacturing standards. Also, you choose far-reaching benefit from items that every design, every highlight has been meticulously stitched into to be powerful and lasting.