Buy 1 Get 4 for Free | 5 Pack Antibacterial Anti-odor Athletic Ankle Socks - Unisex

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Shoe Size (US): Men6-10/Women7-12
QTY: 5 Pack
JQ ankle socks ergonomically built for all seasons, all sports: Not too thick nor too thin, keep warm in winter and breathable in summer. The yellow stretchy arch support provides ultimate comfort on the move. Heel tab not solely for easy on and off, but also prevent socks from slipping into shoes. Plush sole cushioning and seamless toe prevent bruising pain, especially for sensitive skin. 

You'll be amazed at JQ’s unmatched freshness. We reinvent our fibers with venting mesh and One Way Wicking Technology(can attract and repel sweat moisture outward by capillary pull) and H-shape ventilation channels (thereby estimated sweat moisture evaporates 20% more than regular fibers).

Anti-Smell, Doggie approved

JQ Socks are infused copper ion(Cu2+), by choosing Cu2+ infused socks you will harvest massive benefits with almost no side-effect:
-  99.99% antimicrobe rate maintains after 50 washes
-  Eliminates bad odor caused by sweat
-  Protects skin from infection
-  Helps to speed up the cicatrization process
-  Improves skin appearance and texture 

One Way Wicking Technology

One Way Wicking infuses no chemical additives. The wicking property all derives from the combination of the dual-layer knitting method and functional yarns. We knit super hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) fibers for the inner layer and moisture-attracting fibers for outer. This forms a capillary pull by which sweat moisture is lifted off skin and then forced to the outer fabric. Additionally, the outer fiber is constructed with denser stitches,  it can let through low-molecular sweat moisture, but moisture in the air can hardly slip into.

Cool Max Fabric

You'll be amazed at the unparalleled coolness & fast dry from our socks. Unlike regular wicking fibers whose cross-section are round (means pushing sweat moisture towards the skin, so sweat still hold in socks). JQ fiber is in H shape with grooves to let sweat run lengthwise along the threads, hence evaporation increases by estimated 20% over round fibers. Keep your feet dry, cooler and fresher for longer. 

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Sizing Chart

 5 6 37
6 7 38
6.5 7.5 39
7.5 8.5 40
8 9 41
9 10 42
10 11 43
10.5 11.5 44
11.5 12 45
12 46
13 47
14 48

 Different manufacturers use different lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly.