1. Yoga socks: yoga socks have a rubber particle anti-slip design on the bottom, special anti-slip socks, which can not only effectively prevent yoga practitioners from slipping and other phenomena when doing movements, but also effectively protect the safety of yoga practitioners. Secondly, yoga practitioners will sweat when practicing barefoot, which is very unhygienic for the floor or public yoga mat, so using yoga socks can not only effectively keep their own hygiene, but also maintain public hygiene.

2. Running socks: running socks are designed for runners who pursue fine and breathable running socks. Today's high-performance socks not only keep your feet dry and comfortable, but they act as padding and support for your feet, and running socks can provide support and help prevent slippage.

3. Basketball socks: basketball socks are divided into two kinds of high waist and low waist. The use of stockings on the basketball court is very different from that on the soccer field: soccer players always have stockings up to the knee, which are designed to fix the guard of the calf's frontal bone, while basketball stockings, although they also have the effect of tightly wrapping the calf muscles, are far less protective of movement than soccer stockings, which are so huge.

December 15, 2021 — JQ socks