Foot odor is related to developed sweat glands in the feet
Our body's sweat glands are distributed throughout the body, but the sweat glands on the feet are particularly concentrated, so the feet tend to sweat more. Of course, foot sweat also has some role to play, the proper secretion of sweat glands can keep the soles of the feet suitable for moist, appropriate to reduce foot friction while preventing walking slippery. Normally, we don't feel the sweating too much, and we don't have an obvious foot odor. We have about 250,000 sweat glands on each pair of feet, which excrete 1/16th of a gallon of water vapor, salt, and sulfuric acid per day, and often more than 1/16th of a gallon when we exercise and our body temperature gets high. Therefore, if you exercise a lot and sweat a lot, or sweat a lot in hot summer weather, you will easily have the problem of sweaty feet.

Foot odor is related to the foot environment
If you wear shoes and socks that do not fit your feet or are made of non-breathable materials, you will easily get smothered with foot sweat, and it may often lead to the inability to expel hot and humid air from the shoes and the inability to get outside air in, so the temperature inside the shoes will rise and eventually form foot odor.

Negligent cleaning of the feet
The feet sweat a lot every day, and if the feet and their shoes and socks are not cleaned properly, they are also prone to foot odor. Focus on foot cleaning, daily foot washing is necessary, not just a simple rinse, but also clean the toe crevices and other places, these places are often easy to hide dirt. Clean feet can also use anti-bacterial soap or other cleaning products to help get rid of foot odor. Or use warm water to soak your feet every day, which can also be good for cleaning your feet, there is a relaxing effect. Shoes and socks are changed and cleaned every day, and they can be disinfected and sterilized if necessary. In addition, waste-aging keratin on the feet tends to accumulate, and the thick keratin layer may also have an odor when dipping into the shoes for a long time, so you can clean the aging keratin on the feet regularly.

Foot infection foot fungus
Foot odor is also a cause of foot odor, in addition to their sweat caused by foot odor situation, infection foot odor also exists fungus this influence factor, causing a variety of conditions coexist, will also cause a kind of foot odor and foot odor problem. However, at this time not only physical factors (sweaty, unclean feet and shoes and socks, etc.) play a role, but also fungal infectious diseases such as foot fungus, which often require antifungal treatment to restore the health of the skin of the feet, as well as to eliminate foot odor.

It should be noted, however, that hot and humid climates are contributing factors to the high incidence of dermatophyte infections. Insufficient breathability of shoes and socks, sweaty feet, and negligent cleaning can aggravate foot odor and trigger foot odor. You should pay attention to prevention daily, pay strict attention to personal hygiene, dry your toes in time after washing your feet, wear breathable cotton shoes and socks, avoid long-term water immersion of your feet, use anti-sweat agents and antifungal dispersions when your palms and plants are sweaty, and keep your shoes and socks and feet clean and dry. Do not share nail clippers, shoes and socks, bathtubs, towels, and other items with others to avoid infection.
November 28, 2021 — JQ socks