To be honest, there is no essential difference between sports socks and ordinary socks. The most practical function of our wearing socks is to prevent shoes from grinding feet (we have risen to the aesthetic level for clothing matching and so on, but we will not define it to the practical level for the time being)

So fundamentally speaking, the difference between sports socks and ordinary socks lies in the degree of every detail and the degree of adaptation to different sports characteristics.

Here is an example of badminton (basketball, tennis equivalent).

The footsteps of badminton have a lot of sudden changes and stops, so the protection of the feet (anti-wear) becomes particularly important, and the most important thing to meet this attribute is to be thick, which is why all badminton enthusiasts love thick socks.

So is it enough to be thick? If so. Then three pairs of ordinary socks sets, the effect is not the same.

This involves the second attribute, wrapping power

The thickness of a few pairs of socks is enough (in fact, the structure of the terry socks is different from the feeling of three pairs of flat socks. The structure of the terry determines that it can accommodate more air and space for buffering, so the foot feels better than a few A pair of flat socks are much more comfortable).

If the tightness of several pairs of socks is not the same, it is easy to have various folds and the hidden danger of foot rubbing when playing, and if the socks are too loose, it is likely to slip off directly.

Therefore, professional badminton socks should have better wrapping power, that is, they have obvious covering and tightness when worn on the feet so that the shoes and socks are more heeled and less likely to wrinkle and affect the feeling of the feet. It can even provide a certain amount of support to the ankle, and studies have shown that putting more pressure on the foot can promote blood return and enhance sports performance (this is the principle of compression stockings)

Then, the third attribute of a pair of excellent sports socks is derived from the wrapping force, durability, or functional life.

The life span of sports socks is generally longer than that of ordinary socks.

Because it's thick!

Some people wear ordinary socks, which are short for three to five days, or three to five weeks long, and they will wear out the big toe or heel.

But if you wear terry sports socks, they won't wear out for three to five months.

For a pair of sports socks, the most likely to affect the life span is the wrapping power. Once the wrapping power is lost, the socks will not follow the foot, even like a sack on the foot.

Summarize the three biggest attributes of professional sports socks and ordinary socks, namely: thickness, wrapping power, and durability.

September 18, 2022 — JQ socks