Have you ever had such an experience in your life? After wearing a pair of unsuitable socks, your feet become numb and swollen, and your skin becomes bad. Poor quality socks are so tight that the ankles are not only strangled with deep red marks, but the seams of the toe socks rub more and more, even leading to breakage of the skin of the feet...

As we all know, diabetic foot is a more common complication for diabetic patients, mainly because of the narrowing or blockage of blood vessels in the lower limbs, which significantly reduces the blood flow supply to the foot and makes it easy to combine with serious infections, and the wounds do not heal easily, eventually forming ulcers and even requiring amputation in serious cases.

As diabetic patients are also prone to peripheral neuropathy, the protective sensation of the foot is reduced or lost, and once there is inflammation, trauma, etc., patients often cannot sense it in time. Therefore, diabetic patients should not underestimate the importance of socks, which are inseparable every day, otherwise they will lose a lot of money for nothing.

So how do you choose an appropriate pair of socks?

1. Choose cotton plus chemical fiber blended socks. Many people think that cotton socks are good, but they are not. Cotton socks are absorbent, but they do not dry easily, and they have poor moisture dispersion, which makes it easy for the feet to breed bacteria. Cotton socks are also better than other socks in terms of warmth, and with winter coming, it is especially important for diabetics to keep their feet warm.

2. Choose socks of lighter color. The peripheral nerve lesions in the feet of diabetic patients make their protective senses diminished or even lost, and sometimes they do not feel the ulcers in their feet. If the secretion leaks onto the light-colored socks, it can be detected at a glance when putting on and taking off clothes.

3. Refuse to wear tight elastic socks. The blood supply to the feet of diabetic patients is inherently low, and socks with greater elasticity tend to tighten on the feet, aggravating the blood flow disorders in the feet, thus leading to ischemia and rupture of the feet. It is better to choose socks with cushioned vibration absorbing pad technology, which are not very thick and breathable in themselves, absorbing vibrations and effectively preventing foot trauma in diabetic patients.

4. Pay attention to the sock cut. In the process of selecting socks, choose socks with better handmade materials. These socks use careful treatment on the seams of the top of the socks, which can prevent the sock seams from causing more friction on the feet and causing damage.

5. Pay attention to the cuff of the socks. It is best to choose socks with special knitting technology. Ordinary socks are too tight and not suitable for diabetic patients. Socks with special knitting technology are not too tight and are good for promoting blood circulation in the feet and legs.

December 02, 2021 — JQ socks