Running is not only about choosing a good pair of running shoes, a pair of suitable socks is also important, so how should we choose the right running socks for ourselves?

1. Material: refuse pure cotton socks

(Cotton socks are not moisture wicking and not smooth, they absorb a lot of sweat and can easily lead to blisters)

Professional running socks should be made of several blends of man-made fibers including nylon, polyester and spandex, which are affordable, durable and not easily worn by the feet. Or you can choose wool socks.

2. Thickness: wear-resistant, but not too thick

Socks with a certain thickness can play a cushioning role, which can reduce the pressure at the foot and knee.

3. The Fit of the Foot

Good socks are designed to maximize the fit of the foot to the shoe. The foot position contains the toe to the heel, the last and the arch of the back of the foot to prevent abrasions, abrasions or blisters from sliding.

4. Auxiliary Heat Dissipation Partition

If there is an auxiliary heat dissipation partition, then there must be a special weave in the arch and forefoot position, and the fabric density variation and boundary of the arch part is very clear. Can make us more comfortable during the running process.

5. Toe Sewing

The stitching inside the socks is in direct contact with the skin. Turn the socks inside out and touch them, they must be soft to the touch and feel whether the stitching may cause foot rubbing problems.

December 10, 2021 — JQ socks