Ever heard of copper-infused clothing? If not, then you are at the right place as this article is going to give you all the details about how this amazing revolutionary clothing can benefit your health in a thousand ways. 

What is Copper-infused Clothing?
Copper-infused clothing is the use of copper, which is a natural element found in our body in the fabric. It has transformed the textile business and opened the doors for a variety of fresh, innovative goods.

Did you know? The health of all living things depends on the presence of the element copper. Copper is essential for the healthy operation of the human body's organs and metabolic functions. It is secure and has been utilized for centuries.

The clothing made with copper-infused yarn aims to provide maximum health benefits to the users, especially athletes!

How is Copper-infused Clothing Prepared?
Copper-infused clothing is carefully prepared by incorporating copper ions into the fabric fibers. They are also made by coating the fabric with copper.

The process does appear complex, but experts do it with great skill and precision.

Copper infused socks – a revolution among athletes
The incredible copper-infused socks have been every athlete's dream come true ever since they were discovered. Researchers have revealed that athletes who use copper-infused socks have gotten rid of a majority of common athlete issues by 50%. 

Isn't that music to every athlete's ears? No more athlete's foot, tissue inflammation, wounds, arthritis, smelly feet, and poor circulation! All thanks to this great invention!

Copper-infused socks have the following properties:

  • Ankle tab – These athletic socks have a protective and non-slip tab. Not only does it provide protection but also gives a sense of security to the feet. Poor fit socks often affect the athlete's performance negatively. Thus, with great ankle support, the player will be able to perform to their fullest!
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – Who hates all sweaty and smelly feet? Of course, we all do! Right? Well, GOOD NEWS! With copper-infused ankle socks, you won't ever have your shoes drenched in sweat again. The amazing fabric absorbs all sweat and smell while you perform, making you feel fresh till the end of your performance.
  • Breathable Mesh – The fabric is breathable. That means that apart from absorbing all the sweat and bacteria, it's also going to do useful air exchange!
  • Elastic arch - Not only does it have an ankle protection tab, but it also provides great arch protection. A lot of socks have a poor arch that, results in foot pain in athletes. These socks are made in a way that they automatically fit according to the foot shape, giving maximum protection to the wearer.
  • Seamless Toe – Last but not least, these socks are extremely comfortable! You are going to wear it once and surely going to forget about all the regular fabric socks!

Following are some of the benefits of copper-infused fabrics:
  • Powerful anti-microbial properties – Copper helps fight off microbes and other harmful organisms that cause a variety of diseases in humans.
  • Increases blood supply – We all know how bad our feet go from wearing tight socks! With copper-infused socks, you will not only get a feeling of protection and security but also will increase the blood supply to the feet instead of decreasing it! How AMAZING!
  • Retention of body heat – The best thing about this fabric is that it maintains comfort, lightness, and breathability while controlling body heat in any setting. This is indeed a unique property that no fabric has.
  • Faster recovery – These socks are excellent as they faster recover any injuries by increasing the blood supply to that area. They are also great in lowering the risk of strain because of the great protection they provide. Because of the absorbent nature of the fabric, they also help in keeping the wounds clean.
  • No more sore muscles after exercise – Time to say goodbye to the sore feet or ankles after workouts! Yes, you heard that right! Copper-infused socks eliminate the lactic acid from the muscles by keeping the muscles compact.
  • Better performance - Improved blood flow via graduated compression can increase your stamina and endurance. Running with copper compression socks also lessens lower leg vibrations, eliminating heavy or weary feet.
  • Provides moisture – This special fabric locks in the skin moisture apart from absorbing all the sweat. This unique property is not found in any other fabric!
  • Delays aging – Another unique property of this material is that it delays the aging of the area where it is worn. As we have mentioned above, how it increases the blood flow to the area, along with the synthesis of collagen and elastin can revitalize the skin, keeping it young and healthy. The fabric also reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Other diseases – Apart from that, they help fight the majority of diseases like Deep vein thrombosis, Varicose veins, diabetes, and oedemas!

Can the Socks be Toxic to Health?
This is indeed a major question that will cross your mind before you buy these socks. The good news is they aren't toxic at all. You do, however, need to consider a few things before buying them out, e.g., good endocrine and immune system!

Experts have researched and have concluded that they are safe to use! Though you will consume some copper from the infused fabric, it will be in a very less amount! 

However, if you are immune compromised, then it's a good idea to discuss it with your doctor before using any copper-infused clothes.

Trying new innovative things can be scary sometimes, but one should try them out with proper research, especially if they are known to have such great health benefits! Copper-infused clothing has helped so many athletes and even those who do regular everyday workouts in so many ways that many people were forced to try out the amazing discovery.

We hope this article helped you understand the health benefits of the amazing copper-infused athletic clothing! For more informative articles, do visit us again. Thank you!

September 14, 2022 — socksJQ